Custom Wheel Program

The Martin Wheel Company has always been the place to go for custom wheels for the manufacture of carts,

mowers, and other wheeled lawn, construction, or industrial equipment. As a full manufacturing, painting, welding,

and mounting facility, Martin Wheel can find the proper wheel and tire assembly for your needs, even if we have to

engineer and make them from scratch.

Additionally, we can add different tires and bearings to some of our stock wheels. Custom wheels involve nonstandard

hub lengths, offsets, and paint color. Any of those different options make an assembly fall into the custom

wheel category.

This is a value-added service we offer to our customers, but there are some requirements we need from our

customers to make this process work for us all. Below are the standard requirements for custom wheels:

• 250 piece minimum order

• Purchase orders cannot be canceled

• All orders shipped plus or minus 5% of the original order

• Drawings must be approved

• 4 to 6 week lead times on existing custom parts with appropriate forecasts

• Lead times on new import parts may require up to 270 days

• Returns will not be accepted

• Pricing is based on set quantities, so may be reviewed at each purchase

• Customer liable for all unique components and import items

• Custom inventory will be shipped and billed if not released for 6 months

• Signed agreement before PO’s for custom items are accepted